Tehdyt toimenpiteet

Customers extranet services

CSC offers its customers extranet services, including the Scientist's User Interface and the Funet customer pages.

Scientist's User Interface

Scientist's User Interface is an extranet service portal for researchers using CSC's services. The portal offers a single, seamless graphical user interface to many of CSC's services such as application and database resources and information services. Accessing the portal requires authentication which can be made by using either HAKA-authentication or CSC user account. Full service offering is available for those users who already have CSC user account.

Funet customer pages

The Funet customer pages are an extranet service that allows CSC's Funet customers to gather information about network services. The pages have information that is particularly intended for contact persons responsible for the technical services and administration of the Funet network. A user password is issued for the pages if the applicant works as the Funet representative of an organization in technical, administrative or security matters, or for similar needs.